Create an unforgettable first impression. Loom works with innovative motion design to bring your product to life—literally.

Color that grabs attention. Different color schemes can alter the behavior or feeling of a product. Let us work with you to find the character that you’re looking for.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’ll work with you to create not only a beautiful stage for your product, but a design that’s built upon your ideas.   

Motion design
Web branding and identity
Concept art
Visual design 


No one knows your product like you. Meet with us and devise a plan to market your product in a way that engages users to interact and discover what you’re all about.

Digital, interactive, and ready to go. Engaging your audience is a huge part of the marketing process. With Loom’s interactive video extend your reach to a global level.  

Make your product one-of-a-kind. Standing out is important—let us help you get there with an authentic and innovative touch that makes your product unique.

Unique visuals and design
Web concept and development
Digital marketing


Strategy is centered on building a corporate identity—the feel, the look, the ideas and inspiration that arise when a user first sees a product.

Figuring out where and for whom your product appeals to involves research. It’s super important to successful marketing. We’ll share what we know and work with you to understand what platform your product needs to grow.

Your product deserves a spotlight. Mobile and online application is huge in the advertising industry. 

Brand strategy
Corporate identity insight
Research on competitors
Web presence and planning
Campaign planning

Social Media

Bring a face to your product. Personifying brands and demonstrating real-life application of a product makes it more appealing to a user. 

Be everywhere at once. Social media is a booming industry, and with all of the applications out there, we’ll help you to figure out which platforms are useful to you and your product.

Engage smart. Campaign design through social media platforms can influence users that wouldn’t normally see your product. Let’s get the word out there!

Consumer analysis
Audience engagement and outreach
Campaign planning
Creative content on social media platforms