The Texas Tamale Company hosted the USTA Pro Circuit HOUSTON CUP in October 2015. The HOUSTON CUP needed powerful branding to showcase the Tennis event in a way that encouraged newcomers and excited returning spectators to attend. The event highlights the talent of elite players, introducing them to the public before they make it big on tour.

LOOM collaborated with the HOUSTON CUP to pick unique visuals and imagery for their campaign that accentuated the active, competitive and soulful nature of the sports event. A logo is the face of a company and is usually the first image of a company or event that is seen by the public. Developing the brand was a very important first step for advertising the HOUSTON CUP.

Services:Logo Design / Corporate Identity / Web Design

LOOM provided website design and development and social media design choices by developing multiple layouts for their billboard campaign featuring bold colors, athlete action shots, and memorable phrases such as ‘Serve It’, ‘Smash It’, ‘Win It’, and ‘Love It’.