CAMELLIA focuses on providing women with superior quality cosmetic products that encourage an excitement for beauty and looking your best. New to the market they try to be different in a world where everybody follows trends to look the same. Based in Los Angeles CAMELLIA is trying to be different and in Hollywood’s backyard, what is more exciting than a challenge? They are bold and adventurous and that is exactly what they needed for their design.

Services:Logo Design / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Social Media Ad
Industry:Cosmetic, Beauty

Beauty Redefined.

CAMELLIA tapped into LOOM’s capacity to create images that come alive by designing a logo that would passionately stand out in a big market. Supported by a unique corporate identity. CAMELLIA is off to a strong start in a highly competitive market.

LOOM’s team designed high concept branding for the CAMELLIA products to give the brand a kick start to remember when they launch.