ARTEKA Inc. is an eco-friendly cleaning company in Los Angeles that integrates individual brands’ advertising with wet towelettes. Introducing their product as an entirely new way of recognizing brands, ARTEKA Inc. needed a way to reach out to regular users of their products but also to engage new consumers to purchase ad space on their product.

LOOM worked together with ARTEKA to construct a corporate identity that exhibited the qualities that they value as a company: clean, efficient, and beautifully effortless. Loom offered creative solutions to coming up with a simple yet elegant website layout and brought pragmatic insight into visual communication tools for their social media campaign. For the logo design and special illustrations packaging design the LOOM team created a combination of modern art with simplistic beauty. Strong lines representing its modern clean aspect and flowers living up the art like a beautiful spring day.

Services:Logo Design / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Conceptual Artwork / Web Design
Industry:Personel Care / Cleaning


For ARTEKA’s logo LOOM created modern art with simplistic beauty.


ARTEKA’s entire corporate identity now says: clean, efficient, and beautifully effortless, and that comes back in the design.


LOOM designed a simple yet elegant website for Arteka.


The mobile website is easy to use responsive with the same elegant design of the original website.


Simple yet elegant ARTEKA is visible on several platforms.


Functionality and simplicity are key in ARTEKA’s new design.


The unique illustrations LOOM created for ARTEKA’s concept design colorfully stand out.


ARTEKA’s packaging carries the same message LOOM created for them: modern art with simplistic beauty.


Each ARTEKA package is specially designed by LOOM to meet the corporate identity.