Just like our namesake, LOOM is dedicated to weaving elements of creativity, aesthetics, and beauty together to produce a detailed and marketable product of online advertising for global brands. We are firmly invested in designing a product with an imaginative touch that users will love and be inspired by.


LOOM; noun. An apparatus for weaving thread together to create fabric.

LOOM is a boutique creative agency based in Beverly Hills with a philosophy that focuses on bringing passion and life to a product through opportunity and hard work. We believe in partnership, working with clients, listening to them, and understanding what they want before pursuing any project is key to a strong business relationship.

What We Do

From encouraging startup brands to expand their creative process, to connecting with global brands and broadening their spectrum; LOOM aims to forge a new bond between brands and clientele by elevating brands, increasing the strength of design, and create the magnetic pull of beautiful advertising.

Become an integral part of the advertising process—don’t be afraid to take risks and produce something fresh and different, and most importantly, a reflection of your brand.

Designing a visual platform for any product can seem to be a difficult task. We’ll work alongside with you to bring what you imagined to life. 

It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about integrity and instilling the essence of your brand through every image or moment.